Mission and Purpose Statement

The mission and purpose of BCOCCA is:


  • To provide a national focus for representing the common concerns and interests of its member associations, nationals of the Caribbean and neighbouring countries, former nationals and their families living in British Columbia.

  • To advocate on behalf of the nationals of the Caribbean Islands and their neighbouring countries and former nationals and their families, on issues and decisions that affect their general welfare and basic rights.

  • To develop and maintain a system of communication, information sharing, and networking among those associations that comprise the organization.

  • To actively encourage, facilitate and support the development of regional and umbrella associations of individual Caribbean Islands and neighbouring country groups in other geographic regions of Canada.

  • To promote closer community relationships and to develop better linkage with other ethno-cultural groups and organizations.

  • To establish and maintain contact with government offices across Canada, which represent the individual Caribbean Island, and their neighbouring countries.

  • To establish and maintain contact with the appropriate ministries and departments of the government of Canada and of the provincial and municipal government on matters relating to the business or interest of the organizations and its members.

  • To promote a national identity based on self-worth; pride in the heritage of the Caribbean Islands and neighbouring countries; equality and fairness for all nationals and former nationals of these countries who are domiciled in Canada.

  • To promote among the citizens of Canada an appreciation for the culture of the Caribbean Islands and their neighbouring countries.

To perform the above aims and objectives without impinging upon, restricting, hindering, controlling, or duplicating the functions of the member associations as far as their individual constitution and aims and objectives are concerned.